Healing Vine Expert - Darren Harris

Improve Your Health and Well-Being with Inner Peace Yoga

Darren is a Certified Yoga Teacher.
My Yoga classes will help you realise the health benefits of this gentle, yet strengthening way of improving your health and well-being.

Yoga means union – it focuses on the union between mind, body and breath.

Everyday Yoga brings Inner Peace.

Yoga assists in relieving anxieties, fears and stress while developing confidence, tolerance and optimism.

• Yoga is not at all religious
• You do not have to be young and fit
• You do not turn your body inside out

Yoga is for anyone…men and women of all ages and all stages of health and fitness!

Yoga is not competitive; you allow yourself to gradually become healthier, more flexible and stronger with low strain on your body – all at your own pace.

Yoga has many benefits, practise can:

• relieve stress and tension;
• ease back pain;
• increase energy levels;
• promote strength and flexibility; and
• improve health and wellbeing.

About Inner Peace Yoga Classes

The classes are held in a comfortable, relaxed studio.

Each class ends with a deep relaxation period and uplifting meditative music to release stress and tension, allowing you to connect with your Inner Peace.

For Beginner’s

For those who would like to try Yoga for the first time, or those wanting to get back into Yoga, Inner Peace Yoga classes are perfect.

They are also suitable for the elderly, men & women, those with limitations because of injuries, high blood pressure, or aches and pains etc.

My personal guidance is assured.



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