Intensive Workshop (5-6 people max!)


Incorporating Personality Typing Through Numerology in a 3 hour Intensive Workshop. Be taken on a journey with the power of numbers and so much more!



Intensive Workshop (5-6 people max!)

Personality Profiling Through Numerology in a 3 hour Intimate Workshop
Be taken on a journey with the power of numbers and so much more!

Here’s what we’ll cover in the first hour as a group:

• Descriptions of the meaning behind the NUMBERS 1 to 9 & MASTER 11 & 22.

• Fill out your individual birth date numbers in Grid worksheet to gain a deeper understanding of self.
(You’ll be able to do short readings for other staff using Grid Template within the first group hour!)

• Group exercise: Understand how to work with others better. 
Choose 2 people that you work COHESIVELY with and look at their NUMBERS.
Choose 1 person that you work with where there is a bit of RUB and look at their NUMBERS.

• Finish off with ACTION POINTS of what you are going to do different.

Remaining two hours:
Everyone goes back to their desk and then we conduct:
• 6 x 20 minute private session looking at each participates Numbers Grid.

Fees: $1800 + GST.
Please note that workshop fees are non-refundable, but if 7 business days notice is given by phone, fees can be transferred to another workshop within 6 months of the initial payment date.

  • Bonus special prices on private sessions are available on the day with unique coupon code.

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