Transform your team to reach full potential

Until recently, we spent more time at work with our colleagues than at home with our family.

People from all walks of life; with different strengths, values and beliefs, brought together for their diverse experience and unique resources, yet who helps them truly understand each other?

We all know communication is the key to any relationship, both personal and professional. For a business to thrive, it needs to empower employees with tools of the mind to help them navigate a kaleidoscope of characters and personalities, challenges and opportunities.

Corporate Numerology provides individuals and groups with powerful tools to help them operate at advanced levels in any facet of business, from recruiting the most suitable employees to increasing sales and productivity through to pathways for long-term conflict resolutions.

Learn how to make the best of any situation by gaining a deeper understanding of yourselves and each other. Build trust, develop true connections and work together to achieve great things.

The numbers add up and we show you how, giving you and your team incredible insight that will assist in working cohesively and intuitively towards reaching common goals.

Our team is available to consult during recruitment and conflict mediation, and runs regular workshops for small to large groups, in short bursts of one to two-hour sessions or half and full-day workshops.

Start achieving high-performance today!

Intensive Workshop

You’ll be amazed at how much we can cover in this one-hour session for small groups.

We help participants discover their basic numerology and how the patterns of their behaviour are mapped out at birth. Learn ways to improve on weaknesses and build strengths to work cohesively and reach shared goals within the workplace to increase productivity and profits.

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